Business Consulting & Vacation Rental Marketing


We offer consulting for:

  • Start ups
  • Small businesses
  • Companies across all industries
  • Trade Organisations
  • Exhibitions & Trade Shows
  • Product Launches.

Raffaella Galiero

Operations Manager..

Paul Gerrard

Principal Consultant.

Due Teste Consulting 


P.IVA :0230 5420 461.


Dueteste now offer a full range of Holiday Rental Management Services, from managing Web sites and Bookings, to Meet & Greet and Cleaning/Maintenance Packages.

If you are a Holiday Home owner in the Bagni Di Lucca area, we would be pleased to give you a quote for any or all of our Services.

If you are an Italian Company wishing to break into the UK marketplace, get in touch with us; our Contacts and long term links with Clients in many Industries, can be the match your Company needs. We are able to offer bespoke packages to suit your budget, from a simple Telemarketing Project to a Product Launch.

Our approach

We leave no stone unturned when we take you on as a client. Depending on your needs, we'll perform any or all of the following:

Thorough analysis of your business' strengths and weaknesses
Competitive analysis of others in your space
Industry trends analysis and forecast
Market opportunities analysis

This work culminates in our major deliverable: a detailed company action plan that puts you on the road to achieving both your long and short-term business goals.

Get to know the team that's committed to your company's success.